Ильсияр Магсумовна Вахитова

Место работы:
МАОУ "Гимназия №37", г.Казань, Республика Татартсан
учитель английского языка

Темы Открытых уроков автора

Работы учеников

Под руководством автора его учениками на фестиваль исследовательских и творческих работ учащихся «Портфолио ученика» были представлены следующие работы:

  • Iron as a traditional Russian household subject

    Iron has a long way of historical development.The history of iron appearance started with a flat stone.Then people were used to have hot ironing, metal hammers, coal iirons, watermark irons,gas and alcohol irons. Only in 1882 the electric iron was suggested. After all, before an iron has become effective and safe, it went a long way. And at all times, this "shell for ironing" was the faithful companion of man, making life much more comfortable. And what an iron will be in the future time will tell.