Урок-праздник на тему "Halloween. It's traditions and customs"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель: ознакомление учащихся с обычаями и традициями празднования праздника Halloween в англоязычных странах (на примере США). Урок предназначен для учащихся 6-х классов, но при определенной корректировке может быть использован и для более старших учащихся.


  • воспитательная: воспитывать у учащихся чувство уважения к истории и культуре страны изучаемого языка, а через это и к своей родной национальной культуре.
  • практическая: провести практику речевой деятельности и аудирования, активизировать лексику на тему: “Halloween”, дать знания страноведческого характера, познакомить с фольклорным и поэтическим наследием англоязычных стран.
  • развивающая: развитие творческой фантазии и инициативы в осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности, а также развития познавательных интересов учащихся.


  • плакаты, поделки и рисунки, выполненные руками учеников и демонстрирующие главную идею праздника;
  • карточки с новыми лексическими единицами и текстом по данной теме$
  • магнитофон с аудиозаписью песенки.

План урока:

Warming up:

Teacher: Hello guys! Please take your seats. How are you?

Pupils: We’re fine, thanks. And you?

Teacher: I am fine too. Thank you. Let’s start our lesson.

General part:

    Teacher: You know, the autumn is not only a harvest time but it is time for many holidays in different countries. For example, in Russia from ancient times people have been celebrating (щедрый) harvest and lots of weddings in autumn. Of course, you can call the autumn holidays of modern Russia. What are they?

    Pupils: It is the 7th of November.

    Teacher: But today we’ll speak about one famous and curious holiday in English-speaking countries – Halloween. It is celebrated on 31st of October. You will learn some interesting facts and have a lot of fun. And now, we’re starting with a riddle. Will you, Sasha?

    Pupil 1:

    A face so round and eyes so bright.
    A scary mouth with a jolly grin.
    No arms, no legs – just head to chin!
    ( Jack-o’-lantern)

    Teacher: Did you guess? That’s right. It’s the pumpkin. But it is a special pumpkin. What is its name? ( you may use the pictures with notes from a blackboard)

    Pupils: It’s the jack-o’-lantern.

    Teacher: Well. But there are some others symbols of such a holiday. This special Halloween tree will help you. Use the words on the blackboard. Please look through these objects and call the Halloween’s symbols. (The teacher is demonstrating a hand-made “tree”: a brunch in the coffee can filled with sand. The brunch is decorated with paper toys – Halloween’s characters.)

    Pupils: The witch – is a symbol of Halloween. The black cat is the symbol of Halloween too. The skeletons are the symbols of Halloween. The ghosts and goblins are Halloween’s symbols too.

    Teacher: But you didn’t mention some others. Be attentive. What can you see there also?

    Pupils: Well. We can see a bat and a spider there . They are the Halloween’s symbols.

    Teacher: But what is this little creature’s name? He wears in green. He has a pot of gold in his hands. He can point you a treasure but, perhaps, deceive you. Who’s he?

    Pupils: A leprechaun.

    Teacher: Right you are. But what is this ugly creature?

    Pupils: It’s a goblin.

    Teacher: Yes. There are a lot of funny poems or curious omens about these symbols. And some of them will be recite by your classmates.

    Pupil 1:

    “A funny pumpkin”
    I made a funny pumpkin
    Tie your masks on tight
    It looked so big and terrible
    It even frightened me!

Pupil 2:

“It’s Halloween night”
Put on your costume
For everyone to see.
Grab your bags for trick-or-treating
Cause it’s Halloween night!

Pupil 3:

Red goblins, yellow goblins,
Blue and green,
These are the funniest
I have ever seen.

Pupil 4:

If a cat sat next to you on
Halloween – you would
have a good luck.

    Pupil 5: If a black cat sat on your laps - you would have a fantastic luck!

    Teacher: Well done, guys. Now, let’s sum everything up and answer my question: What do children do this holiday?

    Pupils: They make jack-o’-lanterns. They put on costumes of different monsters and go around the streets asking for sweets.

    Pupil 1: They ring doorbells and say: “Trick or treat?” asking for candies, apples or coins. If they do not receive a treat, they may play a trick: smear windows and parked cars with shaving cream or soap; slap at a sidewalk or front door with socks filled with flour.

    Pupil 2: If they do not receive a treat, they may play a trick: smear windows and parked cars with shaving cream or soap; slap at a sidewalk or front door with socks filled with flour.

    Teacher: And also, many children like to sing special Halloween song. Do you remember one of them? I mean “the Pumpkin in the patch.” We’ll sing this song together and several pupils can go to the blackboard with the paper hand-made toys and act out it.

    Pupils are singing a song:

    The pumpkin in the patch, the pumpkin in the patch,
    Hi –ho on Halloween, the pumpkin in the patch.
    The pumpkin calls a witch, the pumpkin calls a witch
    Hi –ho on Halloween, the pumpkin calls a witch.
    The witch calls a bat, the witch calls a bat,
    Hi –ho on Halloween, the witch calls a bat.
    The bat calls a ghost, the bat calls a ghost,
    Hi –ho on Halloween, the bat calls a ghost.
    The ghost scares us all, the ghost scares us all,
    Hi –ho on Halloween, the ghost scares us all!

    Teacher: Good of you! Thanks a lot. And do you want to play any special Halloween games?

    Here is the simpliest one. It is called ''Hide a ghost''

    A game: “Hide a ghost”

    Divide pupils into 2 groups. One group –is the “hiders”, other – the “seekers”.

    “Seekers” should go out of classroom and “hiders” will hide a toy ghost (you may take it from the Halloween tree). After that “hiders” clap their hands louder and louder if “seekers” will be near that ghost. Of course, children may change with their roles.

    Teacher: Did you enjoy the game? But traditionally this day many children do a lot of souvenirs – hand –made toys which are devoted to the Halloween.

    Here you can see the Pumpkin finger puppets. I suggest you to make them in memory of this Halloween. You need:

    Pumpkin finger puppets:

    Materials you will need

    Orange construction paper or felt, yellow and green construction paper scraps, scissors and glue.

    What to do

    1. cut an orange, round pumpkin 1” to 2” high.
    2. Cut then glue on a green stem and yellow eyes, nose and mouth.
    3. On the back, glue a 1\4” strip on the ends, leaving enough room for a finger to fit under it.

Rounding - off

Teacher: Well. I thank you all the participants for taking part in this lesson. You were very nice, clever and cheerful. Of course, you will get excellent marks. At home you should prepare some Halloween souvenirs like pumpkin finger puppets or draw some pictures devoted to this celebration. Our lesson is over. You may be free. Good-by.

Pupils: Good-by. See you later.