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1. Scotland

The subject of this lesson is Scotland, which celebrates its national day on 30th of November all over the world and on 06th of April in the USA.


Pre-intermediate and above.

How to use the lesson

  • Brainstorm what your students know about Scotland.
  • Divide the class into two teams, Team A and Team B. If there are more than ten students in your class, divide them into four teams (Two Team As and Two Teams Bs).
  • Give each student in Team A a copy of Worksheet A and each student in Team B a copy of Worksheet B.
  • In their teams ask the students to read the sentences in Part 1 and to fill the gaps with the correct words.
  • Check the answers and then ask the students to prepare a multiple-choice quiz for the other team. Refer them to Part 2, which shows an example of the question format. Ask them to do the same for all the questions.
  • When they have finished, get the teams to exchange their quizzes and select what they think is the correct answer for each question.
  • Check the answers and give each team a point for every correct answer they get. The team with the most points wins.

Answers for Team A

  1. border
  2. Edinburgh, east
  3. religion
  4. population
  5. islands
  6. cities
  7. object
  8. skirt
  9. writers

Answers for Team B

  1. dish
  2. traditional
  3. alcoholic
  4. poet, January
  5. lake
  6. bagpipe
  7. castle
  8. tourism
  9. patron
  • Now divide the students into pairs and give each pair a copy of Worksheet C, which contains a poem “Travel” written by Robert Lois Stevenson. There are twenty words in bold, some of which have been mixed up and are in the wrong places. Encourage the students to read the text through individually before attempting the exercise, then tell them to work together in order to put the words back in the right position where necessary. Allow about ten-fifteen minutes for this exercise.
  • Check answers in open class.


  1. I should like
  2. grow
  3. below
  4. among
  5. bazaar
  6. China
  7. on one side
  8. on the other
  9. as fire
  10. England
  11. full of
  12. the Nile
  13. before
  14. where
  15. city
  16. since
  17. when
  18. I’ll come
  19. on the walls
  20. in the corner

 2. Related websites

Send your students to these websites, or just take a look yourself.

The Scotland page from Simple English Wikipedia

The Scotland page from Wikitravel.

The definitive source of information on all things Scottish, including culture, geography, history, famous people. Some sections of the text are accessible to intermediate-level students.

The official site of the Scottish Tourist Board provides information on Scotland travel, vacations, tours

contains some sections accessible to intermediate-level student.

Learn about Scotland's culture, people, its regions, cities and more.

Information about Scotland as a place to live, work, invest and do business, plus background information on Scotland's history, culture and landscapes. A huge amount of material, but appropriate only for intermediate level and above.