Интегрированный урок (английский язык + литература) по теме "Чтение? Это здорово!"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Teaching situation:

  • Age: 11 – 12 years
  • Grade: 6th
  • How long: for the 4th year
  • Level: elementary
  • Course book: N. N. Derevyanko “New Millennium English – 6” 3 hours a week
  • Problems: 3 pupils have difficulties in all skills
  • 4 pupils have difficulties in pronunciation
  • 4 pupils have difficulties in listening
  • All pupils have difficulties in speaking
  • Interest: All pupils are ready for any communicative activities, they like reading different kind of books, but don’t like reading for Literature.
  • Selection: this material is simple, well-known so it’s suitable for my pupils, that’s why I’ve chosen it.
  • The type of the speaking activity: making favourite books review.
  • Content: Pupils are concentrated on what they say, not how they say.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to speak about world famous and their favourite books. It is creative activity because it is true to life, culture based, spontaneous.

Communicative purpose: these activities involve pupils in a real communicative task. Have understood they can be successful using the information learned in Literature lessons, pupils spend more time on their homework.

Communicative desire: children are provided with a chance to tell about books they are interested, they are motivated.


Cards (text from the book “Robinson Crusoe”)

Screen, PC, projector







3 min

warming up

by the end of this activity Ss will know the topic, they will be motivated to talk about reading, different types of books

«Как хорошо уметь читать…» (стихотворение)

  • Do you like reading?
  • Do you spend much time reading?
  • What kinds of books do you like reading?
  • What language can you read books in?
  • Do you like reading English?

Addison said: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

(Несколько слов о значении чтения в рамках всемирной акции «Читать – это модно»)


 слайд 1

6 min


by the end of this activity Ss will be able to consolidate what they have learned in the Literature lessons, to talk about a story they have read and express opinions about it, to talk about a famous American writer

We have prepared a surprise for you. It’s the scene from a very interesting book. Can you guess the title of this famous book and the author’s name?

Aunt Polly: Tom!...Tom!... Where is the boy? Tom!

Tom: Here I am.

Aunt Polly: Oh, You’ve been to that closet. What were you doing there?

Tom: Nothing.

Aunt Polly: Nothing! Look at your hands. And look at your mouth. What is that?

Tom: I don’t know, Aunt.

Aunt Polly: Well, I know. It’s jam, that’s what it is. Hand me that switch!

Tom: Oh, look behind you, Aunt!

Have you guessed?

I know you’ve read it. Do you like it?

What can you say about the author?


group of actors


слайды 2-4

6 min


by the end of this activity Ss will be able to consolidate what they have learned in the English lessons, to talk about a story they have read and express opinions about it, to talk about a popular modern British writer

Do you know the name of the most famous book in the world?

Of course, it’s “Harry Potter”. Do you remember the author’s name?

What can you say about her?

You are going to watch the scene from this book. Can you name the whole title?

Ron: I can't stand much more of this

Harry: Let's go

Ron: Pudding might not be finished yet

Voice: … rip… tear… kill…

Hermione: Harry, what're you

Harry: It's that voice again - shut up a minute -

Voice: …so hungry… for so long

Harry: Listen!

Voice: … kill… time to kill…

Harry: This way!

Hermione: Harry, what're we…

Harry: SHH!

Voice: … I smell blood.… I SMELL BLOOD

Harry: It's going to kill someone!

Ron: Harry, what was that all about? I couldn't hear anything.…

Hermione: Look!

Ron: What's that thing - hanging underneath?

All together: Mrs. Norris!!!

Ron: Let's get out of here

Harry: Shouldn't we try and help

Ron: Trust me We don't want to be found here

Draco: Enemies of the Heir, beware! You'll be next, Mudbloods!

You are right! It’s “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

слайд 5



group of actors

слайд 6

3 min


by the end of this activity Ss will be motivated to learn some new words

Do you know you can learn English successfully if you read this book?

I’m sure you know all the meanings of these words.

(учащиеся читают заклинания и объясняют их действия)


7 - 19

10 min


by the end of this activity Ss will be able to use their guess to deal with unknown words, to read for pleasure

And now let’s organize a competition “So you think you know Harry Potter?” (Если есть возможность, выходим на страницы сайта, если нет, то пользуемся презентацией)

http://www.kidsreads.com/harry potter/jkrowling.html

слайды 20 – 23

in pairs

10 min

development translation skills

by the end of this activity Ss will practice working co-operatively, creatively, they will be encouraged to read this book for Literature lesson

What language have you read this book in?

Do you think it’s easy to translate English books?

(О видах перевода и его значении)

Would you like to become translators?

I offer you to translate into Russian only one sentence, and you should guess the hero’s name and the book’s title.


I cooked the turtle. In it were sixty eggs, and the meat was delicious, specially as I had eaten only goats and birds while on the island.

Have you finished? Let’s introduce your works.

And now let’s compare your works and translation made by famous Russian writer. Whose work is the closest?

Do you think this book is interesting? Why? Why not?

You will read “Robinson Crusoe” in Literature lessons.


in pairs



24 - 25

2 min


by the end of this activity Ss will be motivated to do homework

Today we’ve spoken about different famous and favourite books. And you see the statement “Reading – it’s great!” Do you agree with it?

I offer you to take part in the world action “Reading – it’s COOL!”

You can use the notes in Ex. 3 as help and write reviews about your favourite books. We can e-male your works to stories@ukoln.ac.uk or to DoctorLivesey@home.tucked.up.in.bed.

слайд 26