Разработка заключительного урока внеклассного чтения по рассказу Фрэнка Ричарда Стоктона "Невеста или тигр"

Разделы: Иностранные языки, Внеклассная работа

Цели урока:

  • Совершенствовать навыки речевой деятельности учащихся;
  • Активизировать употребление в речи учащихся речевых образцов в прошедшем времени;
  • Формировать и развивать коммуникативные умения учащихся;
  • Формировать способность к сотрудничеству и взаимопомощи при работе в группе;
  • Воспитывать интерес к чтению и изучению иностранного языка;
  • Формировать потребности в практическом использовании иностранного языка;
  • Развивать творческую фантазию, воображение, инициативу в осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности;
  • Развивать умение оценивать произведения художественной литературы;
  • Развивать способность к планированию своего высказывания.

Оборудование: книга для чтения Simple Suspense Penguin Readers Level 2 издательства Longman <Приложение1>, иллюстрации к рассказу <Приложение2>, карта для игры издательства Longman <Приложение3>, кубик для игры, бланки для составления вопросов, карточки с упражнениями.

Ход урока

Организационный момент.

Hello, students! Glad to see you. Let's begin our lesson.

Every day people all over the world read. They read newspapers, magazines, advertisements, comics, students read text books, but the most popular of course BOOKS.

There are different kinds of books.

Which do you know?

What are they about?

Detective story - a story in which someone tries to find who is responsible for crime, especially a murder.

Legend - an old well-known story, about brave people, adventures or magical events.

Thriller - an exciting story, for example about a crime or war, in which surprising events happen suddenly and you never know what will happen next.

Science fiction - stories about things that happen in the future or in other parts of the universe.

Novel - a book about people and events that the writer has imagined (romantic - about love, historical - about people and events in the past).

What kind of books do you like reading?

Введение в тему.

Every country has its own legends.

Do you know any Russian legends?

What characters from Russian legends do you know?

What kind of story do you think "The Lady or the Tiger"?

This short story was written in the 19-th century by Frank Stockton an American story-teller. He wrote a lot of short stories, but "The Lady or the Tiger" was his famous story. And people talked about it for years.

And today we should answer the question:

Why this story was so popular and it is still talked about nowadays?

Работа с иллюстрациями к тексту.

Look at the blackboard. There are some pictures from the story. Put them in the right order. They'll help you to remember the story. <Приложение2>

Обсуждение сюжета и главных героев.

When did the story begin?

What was the problem in the country?

What does "wrongdoer" mean?

wrongdoer - a person who has bad or illegal behavior the King

What did the King decide?

What does "stadium" mean?

stadium - a large building with rows of seats

Was it for games?

What was the characteristic feature?

Was only one main character in the story? the Princess

Find in the text the description of her.

How did she move?

Did she smile a lot?

Do we have another main character in the story?

Who was he? the Gardiner

And what happened?

Why do you think the Princess loved the Gardener?

What happened when the King knew about their love?

Why do you think the King did it?

What did the Princess do then?

And what happened then?

What did the Princess think about? Find in the text.

But here the story ends.

Which do you think the King's daughter choose: the lady or the tiger? Say why?

Was she cruel?

What would you do, if you were the Princess?

Why is the story so popular?

Работа с упражнениями на карточках.

ho are they? Who:
  • was unhappy about wrongdoers?
  • worked in a city park?
  • talked to the workers in the stadium?
  • had rich brown hair?
  • moved a little finger?
Complete the sentences from the story with these prepositions: for, in, up, from, of, down, out.
  1. The King thanked all the workers :: their good work.
  2. He opened the right blue door and the beautiful lady came :: .
  3. Men, women and children followed her when she walking :: the streets :: the city.
  4. His men brought the young man :: the dark room.
  5. She looked :: quickly at her hand. Then she looked :: again.

Keys: 1. for; 2. out; 3. in, of; 4. from; 5. from, up.

Составление вопросов.

And now let's play a game. I need two teams.

But before we begin we need to write questions to play the game. There are 4 types of the questions. What are they?

An event question

A character question

A language question

A place question

Write questions for our game.

(На столах у ребят уже лежат готовые бланки для составления вопросов.)

An event question Name ___________________


A character question Name ___________________


A language question Name ___________________


A place question Name ___________________



Правила игры просты. Группа делится на две команды. По очереди кидают кубик и двигаются по полю. Каждой ячейке соответствует определенный тип вопроса, на который надо ответить команде. Побеждает команда, которая первой дойдет до финиша.

Подведение итогов игры.

Объяснение домашнего задания.

At home you write your own end of the story.

Выставление оценок.

I'm afraid it's time to stop. That's all for now. Goodbye, every one. Our lesson is over.