Интегрированный урок английский язык + обществознание + психология по теме "Проблемы молодежи". 9-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Тип урока – обобщающий , урок применения знаний и умений

Педагогические технологии – обучение в сотрудничестве, личностно – ориентированный подход в условиях классно-урочной системы

Форма работы – групповая

Цель урока – Развитие коммуникативной компетенции учащихся, совершенствование навыков и умений устной речи.

Задачи урока:
1.Обучающие – обучение ведению дискуссии по теме, совершенствование устной монологической и диалогической речи учащихся.
Применение в речи ЛЕ по изученной теме, расширение словарного запаса при обсуждении темы.
2.Воспитательные – воспитание положительных качеств характера: терпимости и уважения при общении с людьми.
3.Развивающие – развивать навыки общения, умение логически мыслить, сравнивать, обобщать, делать выводы и заключения.



Учителя (T1, T2) - Hello, everybody.
T1 – Look at the title of the lesson and say what we are going to speak about today.
P1 – We’ll speak about youth problems.
T1 – Yes, you’re right. We are to discuss a very interesting and important topic today. It’s youth problems and human relationships.
We are different but everybody is wonderful. A famous person Sophocles said many years ago: “Wonders are many, and nothing is more wonderful than a man”.
T2 – Today we’ll speak both English and Russian because we want our guests to understand everything we’ll touch on at our lesson.



1. Подростковый возраст является одним из наиболее кризисных возрастных периодов. Как правило, подросткам присущи предельная неустойчивость настроения, поведения, постоянные колебания самооценки, ранимость, неадекватность реакции. Этот возраст богат конфликтами и осложнениями. Все это требует от взрослых, окружающих подростка, пристального внимания, предельной тонкости, деликатности. Очень важно накопить «кредит доверия» к тому моменту, когда начнется непростой подростковый период. У родителей и детей должно быть много хороших общих воспоминаний, увлечений, общие друзья, общий язык для общения. Это поможет сохранить контакт даже в самые трудные моменты непонимания.[2]

2. Youth is the time when a person is trying to find his place in the world. And during this search he or she comes across different problems which are as important as those of the adults. The youth of the 21st century face almost the same problems which were acute to their parents when they were young.


T1As you know, no one in the world looks exactly alike, even identical twins. People are different: colour and sizes…
What can people be different in?
( примерные ответы: appearance, personality, beliefs and opinions, education, tastes, language and culture, behaviour and manners, skills and experience, dreams and plans for the future, characters…)
T2Children are grown up differently. Some can be kind, considerate and well-mannered, others are selfish, unhelpful and very ill-mannered. There are a lot of problems in our life. Can you name the main ones which teenagers have?
( примерные ответы: problems with parents and friends, emotional problems, financial problems, the problem of planning future carrier) < СЛАЙД 2 > (youth problems)


<СЛАЙД 3> ( проблемы с родителями)


1Problems with parents…Some people have a bad temper and don’t get along with others.
2 Sometimes parents and their children can’t understand each other…

T1One of the most important problems is a generation gap. Every generation is unique in its experience and has its own ideals and system of values. Do you agree with me?

P1 Yes, I think you are right, but adults always complain that the young are not what they were. These words are repeated from generation to generation. Undoubtedly it is correct. In fact today the young are better educated. They grow up more quickly.

P2To my mind, at present the young do not blindly accept the ideals of their parents. For them everything that the adults bear in mind is past history. And this is inevitable, because different generations take different directions. Moreover, the young look forward and the old people look backward. The adults always teach the young how to live. They apply old standards to the new way of life.

P3 – And I can add that the young think that the adults have lost touch with everything that is important in life. They are right, because what is important to the adults is the past. The young know what they want. They prefer to make their own mistakes rather than to listen to the warnings of the adults.

P4Moreover, The young want to live their own life. They want to overcome their own difficulties without turning back. Unfortunately the life of the young is frequently determined by the adults. Sometimes the young and adults have different points of view concerning everything. And it generates the conflict of the generations.

T2Emotional problems can be very difficult. The typical teenager problem is that “nobody understands me”, and youth is also the time to meet your first love…

<СЛАЙД 4> (первая любовь)

P5 The problem of love is very important to the young. Today the young fall in love when they reach the age of Romeo and Juliet. Romanticism and idealism very often accompany the love of the young. Their belief in eternal love can end dramatically.

P6 As for me, I think it is regrettable, but the young are not always ready to have stable relations. For a happy family life two people must understand and respect each other.

P7 To my mind, the parents often continue to treat their teenage children as if they were infant, when they probably consider themselves to be grown up.

P8Many teenagers get upset or depressed when they can’t solve their emotional problems, as a result it makes them believe that there is only one way out – to stop living and commit suiсide.

<СЛАЙД 5> (финансовые проблемы)


1Let’s speak about financial problem. I’m sure that all teenagers want to have a lot of money to dress well, to go to the theatres, to visit foreign countries, to eat what they want, to buy books… How can they solve all these problems?

2 – They have to earn money. I think it’s possible to do it. Some boys wash cars, the others sell newspapers, some of my friends have load of care. We have some problems but we are sure that we solve them in a proper way.

P9 I can say that parents will provide you with home, food and necessary clothes, but you will have your own tastes and you r parents won’t pay for them.

P10To pay for extra clothes, tapes, books, things necessary for your hobbies, you have to work and in our country it is very difficult for teenager to find a job without any qualification.

<СЛАЙД 6> ( будущая профессия)


1The first problem that young people meet is to choose their future profession, it means that they have to choose the future of their life. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. You know children have a lot of dreams about their future: to become a superman or a policeman or a doctor….[4]

2 – It’s very easy they think, but when they become older and see the real world they understand that in all professions they’ll need to know perfectly about what to do, they must be well-educated and well-informed.

P11Yes, it’s a problem to get a good education. For your future it is essential to have a good job. And to get a really good job you have to be well-educated.

P12Nowadays it is necessary to pay for good education. I think it’s difficult to learn English, for example, without additional classes.

P13I can’t enter the institute without good knowledge. To get it it’s necessary to pay for it and have heavy expenses.

P14Yes, you are right, things are not easy nowadays even for adults, but for teenagers who have to find their own place in society, it’s very difficult. It is necessary not only to adapt to society, but also to be confident about your position in five, ten or twenty years’ time.[5]


1Today it’s fashionable to speak about teenage problems. A few years ago alcohol, drugs, fights, killings and other kinds of violence were more problems for adults than for young people. [5] <СЛАЙДЫ 7 и 8> (курение, алкоголь)

2 – But now violence, drugs and alcohol are more and more associated with youngsters. Almost half of teenagers have an experience with drugs, alcohol and sex under the age of 16.[5] <СЛАЙДЫ 9 и 10> ( наркотики, насилие)

Учащиеся представляют свои плакаты против курения, алкоголя, насилия и наркотиков. (Приложение 1(тексты)

Британский сайт (один уч-к говорит на англ. яз. , другой - на рус. яз.)

P15, 16I think that young people in other countries have a lot of problems too. They have the same problems that we have. There are some sites in Great Britain, where teenagers and their parents can get help.
( Выход в Интернет, на один из сайтов Англии, на котором есть информация для подростков и их родителей о реабилитационных центрах, в которых подростки могут получить помощь, о различных видах наркотиков и алкоголе , их действии на организм.)

Знакомимся с информацией, представленной на сайте.
T2 – А сейчас мы предоставляем слово психологу, который подведет итог нашему обсуждению такой важной для всех вас проблемы.

Выступление психолога. <СЛАЙДЫ 11, 12, 13>
(Приложение 2) [1] [2]

T1And now you ‘ll listen to the dialogue. Your home task will be to write some advice to Mary using the following words and expressions. <СЛАЙД 14> (письмо)

(Учащиеся слушают диалог между мамой и дочерью) (разыгрывается сценка)
(Приложение 3)

<СЛАЙД 15> (заключительный)
Текст слайда читает учитель, благодарит учащихся за работу на уроке.
Выставление отметок.



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