Faces of London. 6-й класс

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Faces of London

№УЭ Учебный материал с указанием заданий Руководство по усвоению учебного материала
1.0 Your aim is to check up your knowledge on the topic.  
1.1 Task: look at the blackboard and match the word combinations.  
1.2 Task: listen to the statements and express your agreement or disagreement.
  1. St. Paul`s Cathedral is one of the greatest English churches.
  2. St. Paul`s Cathedral was built by the famous architect Sir Benjamin Hall.
  3. Trafalgar Square with a monument to Shakespeare is one of the most beautiful places in London.
  4. The Tower of London was a fortress, a prison, a palace and now it’s a museum.
  5. There are always white pigeons in the Tower of London.
  6. Big Ben is a name of a bridge in London.
  7. In Madame Tussaud’s museum you can meet great characters of the film stars, pop-singers, politicians.
  8. The parks in London aren’t free.
  9. You can visit London Zoo in Hyde Park.
  10. The oldest park in London is St. James’s Park.
Be attentive!

Use the following expressions:

I think...

If I am not mistaken...

It seems to me...

I agree...

I disagree...

2.0 Your aim is to develop your listening and speaking skills. Work independently.
2.1 Task: listen to the dialogue and complete the sentences on your cards.
  1. It’s d___ from other European c___.
  2. There are many p___ to visit: m___, art g___, theatres...
  3. Oh, yesterday I saw the Houses of Parliament, heard the v___ of Big Ben and visited the famous T___.
  4. The c___ of all British Kings and Queens t___ p___ there.
Check the task with the key.

Put a mark to yourself.

2.2 Task: complete the dialogue and act it out.

St.1 – What place of interest would you like to visit in London?

St.2 – ............

St.1 – Why does this place attract your attention?

St.2 – ............

St.1 – Yes, I agree with you. It is worth visiting.

Work in pairs.

Be emotional and active.

3.0 Your aim is to develop your creative ability.  
3.1 Task: imagine you are the travel agent.

Write an advertisement for one of the places to visit in London and present it then.

Work in groups.
4.0 Your aim is to return to beginning of the lesson, look through the aims of the lesson and evaluate yourself.  
5.0 Your aim is to choose the homework.  
5.1 Task:
  1. create your own crossword puzzle on the topic;
  2. write an essay "It’s worth visiting".
B – level.

C – level.

  Thank you for your collaboration!  


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