Открытый урок по теме "Эмиграция"

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Учебник Opportunities уровень Pre-Intermediate


  1. to introduce the material on the topic;
    to develop students’ intellectual abilities according to the topic;

  2. to develop skills in reading, listening, writing;
    to teach students to express their opinion;
    to develop students’ skills and habits of prepared and unprepared speech (individually, in pairs and groups);

  3. to teach to respect traditions, customs and to understand the culture of other countries.

Equipment: The cassette player, copies of the text materials to give out

The plot

I. Greetings. Introduction to the lesson.

Hello, dear friends! I am very glad to see you. Today we’re going to speak about a very serious up-to-date problem – emigration (leave the country), immigration (enter the country). It’s not always a free choice. (refugees, political asylum, mobilization, deportation)

II. Developing speaking skills.

What are the reasons, make a list in your copybooks. Have a look at Ex. 2 p. 92 (key words)

Warm-up exercise 1 p. 92 – vocabulary

Crossword and word cloud – drill (Приложение 1, Приложение 2)

Comprehension check and stimulating speaking:

  • What’s happening in the photos?
  • What can be the reasons of emigration?
  • What parts of the world do a lot of emigrants from Russia live in?
  • Do you know anyone who has emigrated? Where did they go?
  • Are there any immigrants living in Russia? Where are they from?
  • Think about the reasons which can make you emigrate.

III. Developing listening skills.

  • Now you will listen to a radio programme. What reasons are discussed, why do people leave there countries? Ex. 3 p. 92
  • Now you will listen to people and their stories. Complete the table Ex. 4 p. 92 (skip the script)

Ex. 6 p. 93 Listen and answer the question.

IV. Developing grammar skills (multi-part verbs).

Multi-part verb Have a look at Ex. 5 p. 36. Match the definitions with the underlined words. Закрепление нового материала

Ex. 3 р. 64 workbook

V. Homework. Summing up.

To prepare for the speculation on the topic Emigration, Приложение 3.