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Учебный материал с указанием заданий

Руководство по усвоению учебного материала



Aim: to develop your oral communication skills.

To know:

active vocabulary;
– The Past Progressive;
– some facts about natural disasters;

To be able to:

use active vocabulary in  speech;
– ask and answer questions;
– use the Past Progressive;
– give your presentation;
listen for specific information;
– speak about disasters.



Your aim is to check up your knowledge on the topic.  


Task: say what is typical of a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood, a volcano and a drought.

Use: too much water, terrible fire, a violent storm, heavy rain, howling wind, hot sun, spinning air, dry weather, lava and gases, not enough water, shaking of the ground, deep rumbling noise.

Example: A very violent wind is typical of a tornado. Use the following expressions:

It seems to me …
If I`m not mistaken…
As far as I know…



Task: listen to the presentation, fill in the “Evaluation card”. A-level
Task: listen to the presentation, ask questions, fill in the “Evaluation card”, express your opinion. B-level
Task: give the presentation, ask and answer questions, fill in the “Evaluation card”, express your opinion. C –level


Task: think how to avoid terrible effects of disasters. Come up with your ideas. Use the following expressions:
As for me … I think …
In my opinion …
I`ve learned …
I`m surprised that …


Your aim is to develop your listening and reading skills.  


Task: listen to the eye – witness accounts. Which natural disasters is each one about? Work in pairs first.
Than share your ideas with your classmates.
Use expressions from task 1.1
  2.2 Task: read the text and decide whether the statements are true or false.
  1. A tree hit John Lewis as he was running.
  2. The weather in Dade County was very bad on August 24th.
  3. Mrs Johnson was shopping at the time of the earthquake.
  4. Mrs Johnson`s friend wasn`t frightened.
Work with the card.
Work independently.
Do task in writing.
Check yourself with the key.
  2.3 Task: Fill in the correct word.

Unbelievable, howling, survive, trembled, rumbling.

  1. There was a loud … sound and then the wind blew the roof off the house.
  2. The force of the flood moved cars and animals. It was …!
  3. Last night the wind was … so loudly, I couldn`t sleep.
  4. The storm completely destroyed the village. The villagers were lucky to….
  5. The children … when they heard the thunder.
Work independently.

Do task in writing.

Check yourself with the key.



Your aim is to develop your speaking skills.  


Task: Imagine you were an eye-witness to one of the natural disasters. Share your accounts. Work in small groups.

Mind grammar.

Say: when it happened;
where you were;
how people were feeling;
what was happening;
what you were doing.



Your aim is to return to the beginning of the lesson, look through the objectives of the lesson and give yourself a mark.  


Your aim is to choose the homework.  




– Read the texts again and say what happened to John and Vera.


– Write your account about disaster for the school magazine.


– Prepare safety instructions for natural disasters.

Good luck!


Texts for reading

A "I will never forget what happened on August 24th. It was a dreadful day for everyone in Dade County. The wind was howling and the sky was black. Objects were flying all around me as I was trying to find a safe place. As I was running towards an underground, shelter, a tree flew right past me. Inside, some people were hugging each other while others were crying and shaking. It was unbelievable!"

John Lewis (45), Miami, Florida

B "It was about 11:30 am and I was shopping with my friend. Suddenly, there was a deep rumbling noise and then I felt that the ground was shaking so I grabbed my friend's hand. She was trembling. I told her to run.  As we were running the tremor was getting worse. The buildings were rocking from side to side and the roads were cracking. I was so scared I thought we weren't going to survive!  Everybody was screaming and crying. It was terrible!"

Vera Johnson (38), Paso Robles, California






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