Урок по теме "Компьютер. Интернет" (английский язык). 9-й класс

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цель: Формирование основ информационной культуры на уроке английского языка.


  • Развивать интерес к английскому языку и информатике.
  • Углубить и расширить знания по данной теме.
  • Учить работать с текстом.
  • Ознакомить со специальной лексикой.
  • Развивать навыки говорения, чтения, письма.
  • Развивать логическое мышление, активность, внимание.
  • Совершенствовать интеллектуальные способности учеников.
  • Воспитывать самостоятельность, доброжелательность.

Ход урока

1. Introduction

The rapid development of Science and Technology has changed the world. In recent years computers have been used in all fields of human activities: business, industry, education, culture, health care service, economics, politics, mass media, and arts, in everyday life of different people. At the present time people have to keep step with the times and not to be lost in the world of information. So computers are becoming of great importance for most adults and youth.

“Dangerous weapon properties are above our reason” (J.R.R.Tolkien, «Lord of Rings”)

Our objectives today:

  1. Vocabulary: related to computer, to the Internet; idioms (technology)
  2. Reading for specific information.
  3. Listening for specific information.
  4. Speaking: discussing websites.
  5. Practicing word formation.

2. Checking the homework

Your homework was to learn the words related to computer. Look at the wall and try to guess these words. Spell them, please.

Internet: website, connection, download, broadband, World Wide Web.
: desktop, technology, network, memory, laptop.
Software: document, programmes, application, files, documents;
Hardware: keyboard, mouse, screen, monitor, disk drive, scanner.

3. Listening for specific information

What do you know about the Internet? Open your books on page 64.Listen to the text. Do the quiz.
Let’s check your answers

4. Reading for the information

What else would you like to know about the Internet?

Suggested answer key

What percentage of people in the world uses the Internet?
How did the Internet get stated?
How popular is it compared to TV?
What do people use the Internet for?
What are the most popular websites?

Read the text and complete the gaps with the correct word formed from the words in brackets.

Look at the wall. You can see what part of speech you need.

Answer Key

1. Probably
2. Researchers
3. Popularity
4. Users
5. Shopping
6. Delivery
7. Population
8. Institutions

Write the right answers in your exercise-books.
Now compare your answers with a partner.
Listen to the text. Check your answers. Let’s read this text.
Look at the wall. What do these numbers refer to? : 1970s, 38, 13, 5, 17%, 80%
1970s – When the Internet was only used by academics and military researchers
38 – The number of years it took for radio to reach 50 million users
13 – the number of years it took for TV to reach 50 million users
5 – the number of years it took for the Internet to reach 50 million users
17% – the amount of the world’s population who has Internet access
80% – the percentage of websites that are in English

6. Idioms

There are some idioms in English related to technology.
To be on the same wavelength
– to think the same way
To get one’s wires crossed – misunderstand one another
Be light years ahead of – is a lot more advanced than
Not be rocket science – is not complicated or difficult to understand
Ex.4, p.4
Answer Key
1 got our wires crossed
2 are on the same wavelength
3 is not rocket science
4 is light years ahead of

6. Speaking practice

Which of the activities do you and other members of your family use the Internet for? Discuss this problem in pairs.
Discussing Internet uses. Understanding vocabulary
Read through the table in class and check Ss understand the vocabulary.
In pairs, Ss compare their answers.
Suggested Answer Key

A: I like all the celebrity websites. I read all the latest news and gossip about my favorite celebrities.
B: I like kids.org; it has information on just about everything.
A: I use Wikipedia to gather research for my homework
B: I also go to English.com for help with my English.

Suggested Answer Key

My family uses the Internet to check emails.
My mum uses it to get product and service information.
My dad checks the weather on the Internet. My brother and I look up entertainment events and get information our

What is your favorite search engine?

Your homework.

Work Book: ex. 1-4, p.37

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