Тесты для промежуточного контроля по английскому языку по темам "Школа", "Семья", "Хобби". 5-й класс

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1. Прочитайте части текста про английскую среднюю школу. Расставьте их по порядку так, чтобы получился связный рассказ. Заполните таблицу.

  1. Lunch is at 12.30. You don't have to buy lunch in the canteen. There's a shop next to the gym and it sells sandwiches and other snacks.
  2. Lessons start at 8. 45 in the morning and you have to be at school before 8.30. There are four lessons in the morning, two before the morning break and two after the break. The morning break is from 10. 20 to 10. 50.
  3. Lessons start again at 1.45 and finish at 3.30. On Tuesdays, you have to go to the gym for P. E. before 1.45. On Thursdays, school finishes an hour early at 2. 30.
  4. Welcome to St. Michael's Secondary school! I hope that you enjoy your first week.
1 2 3 4

2. Дополните предложения, выберите правильную форму глагола вместо пропуска. Заполните таблицу.

Sue ......1.......in our street. She .......2..........English and French at school. She .....3......... a lot of books and she .......4........ TV at all. Sue .......5........... cats but she .........6...........dogs. She .......7............. tennis with her friends. They ........8.......... on Saturdays but they ........9.......... late. Sue ........10........ French very well.

  1. a) live
  2. a) to study
  3. a) reads
  4. a) don't watch
  5. a) loves
  6. a) doesn't like
  7. a) play
  8. a) goes out
  9. a) not stay out
  10. a) speak
b) lives
does studies
b) read
b) watch
b) don't love
b) likes
b) plays
b) go out
b) don't stay out
b) to speak
c) does live
c) do reads
c) doesn't watch
c) is love
c) don't like
c) doesn't play
c) does go out
c) doesn't stay out
c) speaks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3. Прочитайте письмо мальчика Ивана о себе и своей семье. Выполните задание после текста. Заполните таблицу.

I’ m Ivan and I’m from Russia. I live with my mum, my dad, my grandma and my sister. Our house is in a small village. Mum and Dad go to work every day, so Grandma looks after the house. Grandma makes breakfast every morning. I usually have bread and tea with honey. Then I walk to school with my friend. We have lessons all morning, but when we need a break we stop working and do some exercises. Lessons finish at lunchtime, and I go home. After lunch I ride my bike and then I do my homework. When Dad comes home, he works in the garden. I usually help him. In the evenings I read or watch TV. I go to bed at nine o’clock. I’m always very tired after my busy day.

1. Ivan lives in Russia with……..

  1. his parents
  2. his parents and his sister
  3. his parents, grandmother and sister

2. Ivan's family lives in ....

  1. a big city
  2. a small town
  3. a little village

3. For breakfast Ivan usually has ....

  1. meat and pasta
  2. bread and ham
  3. sweet tea and bread

4. Ivan usually does his homework...

  1. after school
  2. after lunch
  3. after riding his bike

5. During the busy day Ivan helps....

  1. his father and his mother
  2. only his father
  3. his parents and his grandma
1 2 3 4 5


1. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание 1, выберете букву, соответствующую варианту ответа, который вы считаете правильным. Заполните таблицу.

Sue Povey gets up at six every morning and makes breakfast for fifteen people. Sue has a difficult job – she works hard every day. Why? Because she's a mother with fifteen children, and thirteen of them live at home.

Sue Povey and her family live in Swindon in the south of England. After breakfast her husband, Ian, goes to work. Sue drives the children to school. She needs a minibus for this! Nine children go to school and she drives home with the other four children. Every weekend she looks after the children and cleans the house. She does the washing eight times a day, and she irons clothes for three hours.

Every afternoon at 3.30 she collects the children from school in the minibus. Then she helps them with their homework. After that she cooks dinner for fifteen. Her husband comes home at six. After dinner, she goes to the supermarket with two of her sons. They help her with the shopping. She buys 50 litres of milk a week!

Sue says: "I love my big family. All the children help me and help each other. I want more children!"

1. Sue has a difficult job because

  1. she makes breakfast every morning.
  2. she has got a very big family.
  3. two of her children don't live at home.

2. After breakfast Sue

  1. drives her husband to work.
  2. drives the children to school.
  3. looks after the children

3. In the morning and afternoon, Sue

  1. plays with the children.
  2. shops and drives in the minibus.
  3. looks after children.

4. The children come home from school

  1. by minibus.
  2. with Sue's husband.
  3. by bus.

5. Who helps her with the shopping?

  1. two daughters.
  2. two sons.
  3. her husband.
1 2 3 4 5

2. Прочитайте письмо, соотнесите темы с частями письма. Заполните таблицу.

  1. family
  2. interests
  3. ending
  4. introduction

2 Hill Street
Malvern, M4 8 JQ
4 November

Dear Sharon,

(1)Hi! My name's Tina Richards. I'm seventeen and I live in Malvern in Britain. I'm at Malvern College. I want to write to pen friends of my age.

(2) I've got one brother – James. He's at university. My mum is a nurse and my dad works in a bank. What about your family?

(3) I'm very active and outgoing. I love sport and I play tennis. I go windsurfing when I'm on holiday. I'm really interested in films, too. When I have time, I go to the cinema with friends. My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and Sean Bean. What things are you interested in?

(4) I speak English and French. Please write to me!

All the best!

1 2 3 4

3. Выполните грамматический тест, выберете правильный вариант ответа. Заполните таблицу.

1. I ...................... a letter to my mum yesterday.

A. write
B. am writing
C. wrote

2. Kim .................. the bus to work every day.

A. taking
B. take
C. takes

3. What is your brother doing? – He ............ the car.

A. washes
B. is washing
C. washed

4. Jerry .................. to music in his free time.

A. is listening
B. listens
C. listen

5. I .................. History at university 2 years ago.

A. studied
B. am studying
C. studies

6. Sophie rarely ................ TV in the evening.

A. is watching
B. watched
C. watches

7. Where is Peter? – He ............... the shopping at the moment.

A. does
B. is doing
C. did

8. I .................. my grandparents last week.

A. visited
B. am visiting
C. visits

9. My sister .................. tennis right now.

A. played
B. is playing
C. play

10. I often ........... football in my free time.

A. plays
B. am playing
C. play

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


1. Прочитайте слова и распределите их в соответствующие колонки таблицы.

Characteristics of character Family descriptions Jobs Hobbies

Swimming, housewife, talkative, traditional, kind, loving, lawyer, cooking, computer programmer, rude, close, office worker, dancing, driver, caring, naughty, conservative, farmer, karate, reading, nurse, curious, athletic, doing things together, librarian, writing, engineer, responsible, intelligent, teacher, friendly, fireman, typical, librarian, pleasant, listening to music, sportsman.

2. Распределите глаголы в соответствующие колонки.

Walk – walking Take – taking Put – putting

rain, swim, smoke, run, clean, lie, stop, come, do, jog, wait, dance, look, sit, eat, shine, make, travel, read, leave, work, smile, write, arrange, cut, meet, shake, get, visit, have, begin.

III. Напишите, что происходит на картинках в данный момент (now). Используйте Present Continuous Tense.

  1. She/ write/ a letter.
  2. The cat/ watch/ TV.
  3. My little brother/ listen/ to music.
  4. The children/ dance/ together.
  5. I/ read/ my English book.