Контрольные работы для 5-го класса (УМК И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой)

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Entry Test

I. Read the text and choose the right answer

Susan Spencer, just 14 years old, is one of England’s top swimmers. Susan wants to swim for England in the Olympic Games and win a gold medal. Susan’s life is probably very different from yours. Her day starts at 4a.m., when she gets up and begins training. She has the same timetable for every day. She swims 400 lengths (20 kilometers) and still has time for school work!

04.00-04.30  Susan gets up.
4.30-05.00   She goes to the swimming pool.
05.00-8.30  Susan swims 200 lengths — that’s 10,000 meters or 10 kilometers.
08.30-09.00 She has a light breakfast and then goes to school.
09.00-15.30 Susan is at school. She does her homework at lunchtime.
15.30-18.00  She goes back to the swimming pool and swims another 200 lengths.
18.00-18.30  Susan does more exercises.
19.00-20.00 She gets back home, has her dinner and then does some more exercises.
20.00 Bedtime. Susan sleeps for 8 hours before she starts swimming again!

1. Susan Spencer is a   … a) runner             b) swimmer     c) tennis player.
2. She lives in …   a) France                    b) Italy           c) England.
3. She wants to win … a) a gold medal    b) a silver medal   c) no medal.
4. She gets up at … a) 7.30 a.m.      b) 4.00       c) 9.00 every day.
5. She has … a) the same    b) different     c) no timetable for every day.
6. At 5.00 a.m. Susan goes … a) for a walk    b) to school  c) to the swimming pool.
7. She swims … a) 2    b) 8      c) 10 kilometers every morning.
8. She does her homework at … a) home in the evening   b) school at lunch time
c) the swimming pool in the morning.
9. She goes to bed at … a) 10.00 p.m.   b) 11.00 p.m.  c) 8.00 p.m.

II. Complete each sentence using the proper verbal form

1. We always …them on Sunday.

a) visit     
b) visited    
c) are visiting

2. They … now.

a) ran    
b) are running 
c) run

3. I … to London last year.

a) went    
b) are going  
c) go

4.  She … TV now.

a) doesn`t watch   
b) didn`t watch    
c) isn`t watching

5. … he … football yesterday?

a) Does … play   
b) Did … play    
c) Is … playing

6. Kate … every day.

a) swim   
b) swam    
c) swims

III. Complete the sentences

Secretary,     piano,     conveniences,   fishing

  1. We have all modern … in our flat.
  2. I am fond of playing the …
  3. His hobby is …
  4. Tom`s mother was a …

IV. Open the brackets

  1. Baby (sleep) now.
  2. Jack (read) newspapers every day.
  3. I (come) home late yesterday.

Progress Test

I. Read the text and find the right answers.

“And now, kids, let me tell you a tale,” Jane’s Grandma said. “Once upon a time there lived an old woman. She lived in a house near a forest. She was never married and she had no children so she lived alone. She had a large garden with a lot of beautiful flowers in it. She liked flowers very much and flowers liked her too. She used to talk to each flower. Even very rare (редкие) flowers grew in her garden. People often came to her and asked for some flowers, but she never sold them any flower. ‘My flowers are my best friends. How can I sell them?’ answered the woman.”

1. This tale tells about an old woman and her … (family, garden, husband).
2. This tale is told by … Grandma.         (Kate`s, my,   Jane`s)
3. A lot of beautiful and rare flowers … in the woman`s garden. (were sold, were grown, were bought)
4. The woman used to say: “My flowers are my …”.  (family,    friends,   job)
5. The woman used to … her flowers.  (talk to,    sell,   draw)
6. The woman … her flowers very much. (hated, liked, told about)

II. Make a right choice

1. What`s … of the street. (long, longer, the length

  1. The sun … in the East. (Saves,  rises, sets)
  2. Last summer she … swim a lot.     (Not used,  used not,   didn`t use)
  3. The roses smell  … (Sweetly,   sweet,  very sweetly)
  4. In spring all apple trees are … (In blossom,  snowdrops,   red)
  5. My father is a … man.  (high,   long,  tall)
  6. He … many people from the fire.  (hid,   climbed,   saved)

III. Choose the right tense

1. They … football every day.

a) are playing  
b) will play  
c) play

2. We … the flat at 6 o`clock yesterday.

a) cleaned   
b) were cleaning   
c) will clean

3. Ben … London yet.

a) hasn`t visited   
b) visits  
c) is visiting

4. He … any foreign languages last year.

a) doesn`t speak   
b) didn`t speak  
c) won`t speak

5. The boy … the tree now.

a) is climbing    
b) climbed  
c) will climb

6. … you … to the cinema tomorrow?

a) Did … go  
b) Does … go   
c) Will … go

IV. Use Present Simple Passive or Past Simple Passive

1.  The letter (write) yesterday.

  1. Porridge (eat) for breakfast.
  2. The flowers (water) two days ago.
  3. English (speak) all over the world.

V. Find the proper reply to each phrase

1. So long, see you again!

a) Thanks!   
b) Bye! 
c) OK.

2. What would you like for breakfast?

a) I think I`ll have porridge. 
b) OK. 
c) I`m afraid I can`t.

3. Let`s go to the park.

a) Fine. Thanks. How are you? 
b) See you! 
c) That sounds great.


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