Олимпийским играм в Сочи посвящается (Winter Olympic Games Sochi-2014)

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Презентация к уроку

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Winter Olympic Games
Will be held in a beautiful place.
Sochi is waiting for us
And all the sportsmen will come here at last.

Mountains and valleys,
The Black but blue sea.
Sunshine and snowy peaks
Here you can see.

A beautiful climate,
A marvelous land.
It is our motherland,
We understand.

We open these Olympic Games
For me, and you, and you.
We wish you happiness and health,
We wish you much success.

Winter Olympic Games
Have got three talismans.
Leopard, Hare and Bear
Will meet you in Sochi everywhere.

Five colourful rings
And five beautiful lands.
Let’s match them together
And do it forever.

Blue is for Europe.
For America is red.
Yellow is for Asia.

For Africa is black.
And for Australia is green.

“Oh, sport – you are the peace!”
A Frenchman to the people said.
And all of us shouted: “Yes!”
Oh, sport! You are the peace indeed!

Citius! Altius! Fortius!
Faster! Higher! Stronger!

When you are running
Or you are jumping,
Or you are swimming
You feel – you live.

Your heart is trembling
Full of funny,
Full of joyful,
Exciting things.

You know how many,
How many metres
For you are waiting
You know – you Live!

Sport is a force
And has a skill.
It has no boarders
But has a drill.

Olympic Games are a holiday.
Of beauty, health and strength
Keep your fit and train every day
Then you can win your victory yourself.