Welcome to Australia! (Добро пожаловать в Австралию!)

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Australia, a magic land
Far from us, but near the equator.
It has the golden sand 
And volcanoes without any active crator.

It has unforgettable nature
With so many creatures.
With dangerous snakes
And beautiful lakes.

Australia is calling
Australia is attracting
Aborigines live there,
They are to this land so dear.

Kangaroos jump with their babies.
Pandas live there with no troubles.
Ocean is there,
Ocean is everywhere.

Marvelous beaches
For you and me.
Beautiful towns
There you can see.

The Queen of England
Is its head.
You can’t imagine
But it’s true.

Its flag consists
Of six stars.
All this
Is interesting for us.

Olympic games
In Sydney took place.
Australia has
A magnificent face.

Basketball, swimming,
Archery, rowing
All sports were there, in Sydney.