Викторина "В мире сказок Европы и Англии" ("In the World of Fairy Tales") для 2–4-х классов на английском языке

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Презентация к уроку

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1. What’s the name of a character who lost a shoe?

- Alice

- Ellie

- Cinderella

- Goldilocks

2. Choose the real name of Karabas-Barabas:

- The Green Fisherman

- Carlo Collodi


- Mister Geppetto [d?ep?petto]

3. The old miller died. He had three sons. The first son got a mill, the second son got a donkey, the third son got a ...... What was it?

- a cock

- a dog

- a horse

- a cat

4. What is the most cunning animal in all fairy tales?

- a goat

- a hare

- a bear

- a fox

5. Who was the best friend of the Seven Dwarfs?

- The Prince

- The Witch

- Snow White

- The Wicked Queen

6. What were the names of the characters of a well-known tale “The Snow Queen”?

- Kay and Alice

- Kay and Gerda

- Toto and Ellie

- Quasimodo and Esmeralda

7. Name the continent that matches to the name of a book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”:

- Antarctica

- South America

- Australia

- Africa

8. Who wrote “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

- Lewis Carroll

- Walt Disney

- Charles Perrault

- The Brothers Grimm

9. Who lives on the roof?

- Peter Pan

- Harry Potter

- Nils

- Carlson

10. Who wanted to marry Thumbelina?

- a toad

- a mole

- a mouse

- the flower-fairy prince

11. Who wrote the fairy tale “Thumbelina”?

- The Brothers Grimm

- Charles Perrault

- Rudyard Kipling

- Hans Christian Andersen

12. Continue the phrase: the Bremen Town ...........

- actors

- artists

- poets

- musicians

13. He said he had sawdust in his head. Who is he?

- Scarecrow

- Winnie-the - Pooh

- the Wizard of Oz

- Carlson

14. Who had a fish tail?

- Goldilocks

- Snow White

- the Little Mermaid

- Thumbelina

15. Who is the author of the stories about Mowgli?

- Hans Christian Andersen

- Lewis Carrol

- Mark Twain

- Rudyard Kipling

16. Who said that: “We are one blood, thou and I”?

- Mowgli

- Aladdin

- Sinbad the Sailor

- the Dwarf’s Nose

17. What kind of animal was Rikki-Tikki-Tawi?

- a hamster

- a rat

- a raccoon

- a mongoose

18. Which of the boys didn’t want to grow up?

- Christopher Robin

- Tom Sawyer

- Harry Potter

- Peter Pan

19. What food cooked the Magic Pot?

- soup

- porridge

- jam

- chocolate

20. Her name was Mary. She got a toy for Christmas. What is the name of this fairy tale?

- Silver Skates

- the Nutcracker and the Mouse King

- the Months-Brothers

- Paddington and the Christmas Shopping

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